Audio plays a pivotal role in any public space. Consumers respond to clear delivery of content and the comfort of ambient music. People attend church to hear the truths of scripture and worship together. We design distraction-free systems that provide consistent coverage and engaging worship.


We engineer user-friendly video systems to extend your reach. Whether it’s down the hall or across the country, inside the worship space or at another campus, the message will be clear and in focus.


Lighting is a critical element for capturing attention both live and on camera. Each fixture is carefully chosen and placed to ensure maximum effectiveness. We provide control systems that are both powerful and easy to use. Our house and architectural lighting options help extend the on-stage worship into the entire room and throughout the campus.  


As much as almost anything else, the acoustics of a space determines the intelligibility of the sound system. Rooms that are too reverberant will be exhausting to those listening to the message. However, without any natural reflections, the worship will feel dead and lifeless. We strive to achieve the right balance of direct and reflected sound, while making sure the reflections are coming from the right direction. Often minor changes in room geometry can yield major results in how the room feels.

Architectural Review

We’ve spent years working on and off stage. During each project, we pay attention to the details of building design to make your space more productive, cost-effective and useful throughout its life.