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Scott has enjoyed an eclectic career. Following 25 years in retail merchandising, marketing and senior management, he was able to draw upon that experience to create a research and advertising solution for the movie industry. In every role, he sought new ways to engage his team members to make their clients heroes to their own customers.

His knowledge of consumer behavior and how to create environments that elicit action made him a sought after consultant to retailers and other public-facing companies. Scott has worked as part of their team to create solutions that allow these brands to embrace their customers, improving loyalty and facilitating growth.

He is most passionate about building great teams and investing in the lives of his employees. He believes that it is critical to love what you do and where you have the opportunity to do it. When Scott is not pursuing excellence for his clients and his team, he can be found discovering new wines, finding new ways to love his wife and grown children, or putting in miles on his Peloton.

  1. Explain the meaning behind your title.

    I am passionate about guiding people through a process that causes them to dream big about how they wish to best serve their customers or congregants. The process pulls the storyteller away from a limited, practical view into a unlimited vision of what is possible. God wants us to access our imagination to add focus to the vision and to truly access His will. As an old man, I am inspired by Acts 2:17 “‘In the last days,…your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

  2. What was your first job?

    Aside from delivering newspapers, my first full time job was in sales for Kinney Shoes at the Laguna Hills mall. I learned early on that people are all looking for the same thing: to be heard, treated with honesty and integrity, and to be given the gift of a smile.

  3. What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

    I am a rabid researcher. No matter how small the purchase, I will make certain that I have exhausted all resources to make the most educated choice and ensure that I get the absolute best price. As a result, I have few(er) purchase regrets.

  4. What are three things still left on your bucket list?

    1. Learn to fly a plane

    2. Learn the guitar and write a song for my wife

    3. See each of my children marry someone who is able to love them as much as I do

  5. What’s the first concert you ever went to?

    Keith Green and Phil Keaggy the first weekend; Boston the next weekend.

  6. If you could write a book about your life, what would the title be and why?

    “The Velocity of Love” It would be a tribute to God, the myriad family members, friends and mentors who have fed into my life, kept me moving forward and been the wind at my back propelling my success.

  7. What is your favorite book in the Bible? Why?

    Romans. Paul’s letter is a perfect simplification of the Christian life and all of the resources that God has given to allow us to live for Him. He puts us all on a level playing field by pointing out that we all need salvation. He then provides hope through the provision of God’s grace and how we can be “alive to God in Christ Jesus”. Finally he shines light on the role that the Holy Spirit plays in helping us serve God and how we are able to obey Him.

  8. Best leadership advice you’ve ever received?

    “Wisdom is not knowing everything; it is knowing the people that know everything and giving them the platform upon which to share their brilliance.” -My Dad

    Throughout my career I have been enormously blessed to have some of the smartest and most passionate individuals willing to be a part of my team. As leaders, we are to be the bedrock and the provision that supports our team and shines the spotlight on their success. We must love them so that they can love what they do.