Rock Valley was seeking to improve the experience of their services both inside the sanctuary and through their streamed video. There was also a desire to serve the community through improved and easy to use system control.

  • Integrated a high-definition PTZ camera system that provided an easier capture and streaming system. This provided a much more integrated viewing experience for online attendees.

  • To overcome high ambient light and to eliminate maintenance costs, two 90” LED monitors were placed over the stage driven by ProPresenter. A 75” LED confidence monitor graces the back wall for the band and to improve the on-camera experience by allowing presenters to face the congregation.

  • Intelligibility of their existing PA was greatly improved through the design and installation of acoustical panels above the stage, on the side and back walls of the sanctuary.  We worked closely with interior designer to blend the design into the room.

  • Theatrical lighting was replaced with LED fixtures and the number of fixtures increased to improve coverage and add color-changing capability.  This also reduced heat on stage and eliminated the need for maintenance and re-lamping of fixtures.

  • We improved the volunteer experience by upgrading to a digital audio console and created presets for services as well as easy integration for other uses of the sanctuary.

  • Power sequencing was integrated to prolong equipment life and provide single button system activation or shut-down.


  • Broadcast Solutions

  • Digital Signage

  • Theatrical Lighting

  • House/Architectural Lighting

  • Acoustical Solution

  • Interior Design