The church has a very difficult layout to effectively cover using a traditional audio solution.  The large sanctuary is actually three rooms in one. The two transepts are very deep and completely separate from the main room. This required us to produce an integrated system that ensured full coverage without gaps or obvious overlap of sound. The result is a much better experience that is allowing the church to grow.

  • Our design team worked closely with Bose and acoustical experts to design a system that provided a consistent listener experience throughout the sanctuary. It was also important to be mindful of the architectural sensitivity of the space.

  • A new digital console was integrated to provide ease of use, training and expandability for special events and growth of their contemporary worship services.

  • After a thorough acoustical analysis, panels were color matched and custom fabricated for install over the stage and on transept walls. This greatly improved intelligibility and the on-stage experience for worship.


  • Sound Reinforcement

  • Theatrical Lighting

  • Acoustical Solution