First Baptist was suffering with an aging audio system with marginal coverage. They were forced to mix from a balcony corner position which was out of the audio pattern. The church wanted to improve the experience for their congregants and create a more immersive aural environment. Most critical was to better position the technical team at a front of house position that would ensure better sound and interaction with the camera operators.

  • We modeled the room in 3D and chose a Martin Audio left/right line array with two dual-18” subwoofers to provide impactful low end. Distractions were eliminated and the experience was made consistent from all seats in the room.

  • We designed and moved the front of house booth to the first level, centered in the room. This created the best opportunity for the technical team to deliver excellence through a better mix position and perspective for delivery of video content and recording.

  • A new digital audio console was provided to improve volunteer involvement and maintain the best tuning through preset audio conditions.

  • All new wireless microphones and an in-ear monitoring system for stage performers improved the quality of sound going into the system.


  • Sound Reinforcement

  • Broadcast Solutions

  • Interior Design