Bridges Community Church lives at the heart of Silicon Valley and counts many tech titans among their church attendees. There were extraordinary expectations about how technology would create an experience similar to what many in the church had become familiar. Velocity teamed with church leadership to create a flexible environment that could support their growing contemporary worship style and provide an environment for school, concerts, and community events to take place in the sanctuary.

  • Integrated an extensive full-color LED house lighting upgrade of over 110 fixtures. Intimacy and flexibility was enhanced which allowed the church to facilitate a multitude of events. Lighting zones were programmed to ensure that events large and small could be presented.

  • Velocity upgraded the theatrical lighting to LED adding 12 new front ellipsoidal spotlights and incorporated new LED moving head fixtures into the design. This improved flexibility of design for different events and dramatically enhanced the experience of worship.

  • High-definition upgrade of the cameras and presentation system. We added PTZ cameras to the new manned cameras to create a holistic solution that didn’t add a strain on the volunteers.

  • We improved the quality of the images captured through video by adding an upstage backlighting solution and warm white uplighting at the front edge of the stage.

  • We were able to re-purpose their existing PA, better position the subwoofers into the face of the stage and tune the room to improve coverage and intelligibility.

  • A new 48-channel digital console enhanced the quality of output in the sanctuary and through their streamed content.


  • Audio

  • Video

  • Lighting - Theatrical

  • Lighting - House